Today (Aug 9th), at the eleventh hour, the Appellate Court reinstated the injunction approving the appeal by Attorney Arthur Schwartz; this time, he believes for months.

The battle continues - to voice your concern:

  • Reach out to local elected officials and your Community Boards (see details under ACT tab above)

  • Our electeds issued the following "Joint Statement" on Aug. 9th expecting the imminent start of the ban; we look for their advocacy in not moving this pilot forward

"…we must hold the DOT accountable to its pledge that the Transit Truck Priority Pilot Project will be just that: a pilot. The DOT has agreed to our request to hire an outside to monitor the pilot and to collect and analyze data. We insist that this be a true pilot that engages the community and will be transparent, responsible to neighborhood concerns, and continually evaluated. The DOT has committed to make changes to its program as needed and we will hold them to that commitment. "  Signed by Council Speaker Johnson, Senator Brad Hoylman, Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, and Assemblymember Deborah Glick.



Read the Mayor's April 24th press release introducing "an experimental new transit improvement on 14th Street....  piloting for 18 months the "Transit/Truck Priority lanes and disallowing through traffic from 3rd Avenue to 9th Avenue..."

According to the Mayor, "this is an experiment that, if successful, could provide us another tool to move buses faster and save people valuable time for the things that matter."

So the Mayor is saying that helping a commuter save 15 minutes travel time is more important than the quality of life issues of those of us who live here. And the travel ban is primarily during the hours that the L Train will be fully operational!

TELL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS THAT YOU ARE ANGRY. Yet again the cares for the commuters have supplanted the needs of our community.

See the MTA/DOT Transit & Truck Priorty Experiment (5/10/19)


The Coalition Responds to the Governor’s proposal (1/6/19)

The 14th Street Coalition applauds the Governor’s proposal for innovative below ground changes that will no longer require closing the L train.  However, we remain very concerned with the above ground changes currently in various stages of implementation which are already impacting the safety, health and quality of life of the local community.

Read our press release here.

L Train Watch Website Launched

Bookmark our new L Train Watch website and post issues/incidents/photos/videos. What's not working - excessive traffic? emergency vehicles stuck? safety problems? issues carrying out daily activities?


We are the 14th Street Coalition, a diverse group of people who live, work, go to school, and commute all over downtown Manhattan.

We are so named because 14th Street is the home to the L train in Manhattan and will be ground zero during the L train shutdown for repairs.

We have come together to ask our elected officials and the MTA and the DOT to do their jobs and come up with a plan that strikes a more cohesive balance between the potential needs of displaced commuters relative to the inherent needs of local businesses and residential communities within the 14th Street corridor and surrounding neighborhoods.

We created this website so that you can learn more about the DOT/MTA proposed plans for our communities during the L train repairs and what we are doing, and can do, to preserve our quality of life.

Under the ACT tab you can find contact information to engage elected officials and find out about upcoming community board meetings. 

In LEGAL, you can find a copy of the lawsuit that filed on behalf of the coalition and others

READ MORE has an about us section, as well as links to presentations that have been shared about the project. 

Stay informed. Let your voice be heard.  Join us.