Meeting Minutes: L Train Community Board Task Force

Beginning in March 2018 the 14th Street Coalition made multiple requests to Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer to call a joint meeting of Community Boards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to discuss the impact of the proposed MTA/DOT Mitigation Plan on their communities, share common concerns, view the broader impacts, and coordinate responses.  The result was the formation of the L Train Community Board Task Force.  They held their first meeting May 24th, 2018.

The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

Meeting Minutes: L Train Community Board Task Force

Thursday, May 24that 10:00 AM

Attendees:Terri Cude (Chair, CB 2), Shirley Secunda (Transportation Chair, CB 2), David Crane (Transportation Chair, CB 3), Christine Berthet (Transportation Chair, CB 4), Vikki Barbero (Chair, CB 5), Wally Rubin (Chair, CB 6), Gene Santoro (Transportation Chair, CB 6) Patrice Comerford (Speaker Johnson), Ben Jacobs (CM Powers), Gaby Dann-Allel (Mayor’s CAU), Elena Sorisi (Sen. Hoylman), Matt Tighe (AM Gottfried), Ting Ting Zhao (AM Niou), Dan Lee (AM Niou), Fiona Jung (Sen. Kavanaugh)

Goal Setting for Task Force

 Meeting Dates and Logistics

-       Likely a Thursday or Friday at the end of each month in the early morning (9/9:30 AM) to allow for meeting attendees to not have conflicts with work. 

-       Looking to hold 6 meetings this summer with recommendations offered to MTA/DOT in Fall 2018.

Discussion of Future Agenda Items

-       Bike lanes, ferries, HOV lanes/ Williamsburg Bridge, 14thStreet- residential issues, mitigation of side streets traffic congestion, G train in Brooklyn, ADA subway stations, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge 2-way tolls, Kenmare/Little Italy loop and shuttle buses, Busway implementation. Dropping passengers off at other subway stations, subway platform capacity, lack of modeling/simulations, and congestion from folks moving or trying to get to and from the airport, vulnerable populations, water tunnel, sanitation pickup concerns. NYPD enforcement, plans for displaced vehicles, bus turnarounds (shuttle buses-M1, M2, M3, M15, SBS), sidewalk widening for pedestrians, more transparency from agencies.

-       GAB: We will reach out to MTA/DOT for a bus tour of impacted area during a weekday to simulate re-routing due to the shutdown. 

Task Force Invitees for Selected Meetings

-       14thSt Coalition


-       DIBA (Downtown Independent Business Alliance)

-       Union Square Partnership

-       Meatpacking BID

-       Regional Planning Association

-       LES Partnership

Community Board L Train Resolutions

Community Board 2

-       Less vehicular traffic, making the HOV-3 (24 hours) and designated for all East Side Bridges, encourages DOT to do advance modeling for bike lanes, calls for ADA accessibility for each impacted train station, Busway should not just be for peak hours, look at two way bike lanes on 13thStreet and proposed support for a westbound bike lane on the north side of 13thStreet because of City and Country School and not wanting to disrupt drop-off/pick-up.

Community Board 3

-       FEIS study, implement an HOV-3 lane in advance, implement the 14thSt Busway and SBS run in advance at least by 6 months to model for any potential changes. Evaluations of impact are made public and discussed through the duration of the shutdown. Community needs an immediate method of addressing complaints and speaking with a MTA representative. Closures of activities around Union Square (Winter Holiday Market and Essex Crossing development need to be incorporated into final shutdown plans. 

Community Board 4

-       Mitigating sidewalks, off-board fare collection be set up to facilitate faster boarding for customers. Calls for the pedestrian tunnel between 6thand 8thAvenues to be reopened to mitigate surface level overcrowding. Ferry Service should be extended to Pier 57, environmental concerns about the use of diesel buses. 

Community Board 5

-       No resolution yet, but concerned about enforcement of traffic regulations, safety, access-a-ride, adequate seating for vulnerable populations and seniors, safety of pedestrians and cyclists should be considered. 

Community Board 6

-       No formal resolution but had notes from Transportation Committee meetings.3rdAve will be the Busway starting point, but what about people living from Avenue C to 3rdAve, look at effect if people decide to use taxicabs, Uber, Lyft, other ridesharing vehicles, using the Waze app to see where there’s real-time congestion and issues. Bus passenger drop-off at 14th/15thStreet and 1stAvenue, concern about sidewalk congestion and not enough staging room to accommodate passengers. Additional Citibike corrals, siting and signage needed.

Next Steps

-Coordinate bus tour with MTA/DOT during a week day for late June/early July.

-Disseminate meeting notes to stakeholders. 

-Set time for next taskforce meeting.