We are waiting to see the DOT proposed plans now that the L Train will not be closing. (Feb, 2019)

We are looking to have 4 lanes restored on 14th St and other changes re-considered.

Updated Drawings supporting our recommendations to maintain 4 lanes on 14th St and utilize existing sidewalks (Sept, 2018)

CLICK HERE for full composite overview:
This is an 8’ long composite view showing 14th Street from 1st to 10th Avenue. The composite was created by the 14th Street Coalition by compiling individual drawings from the MTA SEA (July 2018). The composite compares 4 plan views:
1st: the top view shows 14th Street “as is”
2nd: DOT/MTA proposed “busway” with our issues noted in red
3rd: intermittent lengths of single lanes constrictions highlighted in red
4th: 14th Street Coalition urges adoption of a modified "as is" plan 

CLICK HERE for DOT+MTA plans: (block by block views)
the top view shows 14th Street “as is”
2nd: DOT+MTA proposed “busway” with our issues noted in red

 CLICK HERE for 14th Street Coalition recommendations:
shows intermittent lengths of single lane constrictions noted in red
4th: 14th St Coalition urges adoption of a modified "as is" plan  

Coalition Recommendations presented at City Council Hearing, June 27, 2018

On June 27, 2018 the City Council held a hearing about the L train project. Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and MTA New York City Transit President Andy Byford outlined their plans and the 14th Street Coalition had the opportunity to discuss community concerns as well as present alternative ideas to those in attendance. 

CLICK HERE for the Coalition's community concerns, including environmental and health issues, access restrictions for 14th Street residents, damage to fragile and historic infrastructure, unrelated "add ons," enforcement and safety issues, uncoordinated construction projects, and lack of transparency.

CLICK HERE for the Coalition's recommendations for plan modifications designed to achieve a cohesive balance between addressing the potential needs of displaced commuters with the 24/7 needs of local residents and businesses as it affects their neighborhoods and communities. 

CLICK HERE for the Coalition's opening remarks.

And here's our quick summary graphic about the MTA/DOT's plan for 14th Street and our recommendations: